About Me

Who am I?

trading after retirementMy name is Ingvar Grimsmo. Born and raised in Norway – now living in Ontario, Canada. My purpose for this site is to share one of my great passions. Trading.

I have been fascinated by trading since about 1993 when I looked into futures trading. I remember getting paper charts in the mail weekly and made decisions on a weekly basis.

Just to be clear.. I have not made a fortune. No Ferrari in the garage. All I wish to do is to share some knowledge gathered during the past 25 years or so. And my current research and experiences. In the hope that you can trade a little better – and safer. I love research. I dig into things that are my passions. I re-started this site December 12, 2017 after ignoring it for a couple of years.

I do NOT claim to be a guru by any stretch of the imagination – but I am retired (=no job) and actively trading.