Getting losing trades is normal of course. Trick is to average a profit. You can be wrong 50% of the time as long as the winners are bigger than the losers. But when you lose a couple of trades – that happens – your mind starts to play with you. For me I start to question my knowledge and strategy.

Then I start to re-learn stuff, and maybe even change my strategy that has done so well for me. This is a difficult thing to grasp. But I am getting better – when I have a couple trades going against me I know that I have set the stops right so the “losses” are very small. I know step away and give it a break.

Then I get back with the same strategy that I know works and go at it. This has worked for me. It is all in your head. Trading is a lot about math. If a strategy works – they chances are it will work for a long time. Not forever because the market can change but you will know this and slightly adjust your approach.