My Research Tools

Over the years I have done a lot of research. I love trying to understand how things work. Here’s how I operate these days.

NOTE:  Since I do all this pretty well every day or at least 4-5 days a week I am thinking of offering my daily analysis to subscribers. If you are interested, please sign up for my infrequent newsletter and I will let you know if this becomes a real thing. —–>>

Ferreting out a possible good trade is not easy. However, over the years I have come to settle in to a strategy that has worked well over the past 13 months. (+90% on account)  As I have mentioned in a blog post over the past 13 months I have ONLY been profitable trading stocks and far lesser – commodities – gold in particular. I took a total loss on my forex trades over that period. But in the past I have been profitable in forex. I think it is due to trading too quickly and not researching the trade enough. Which I do with stocks….

I have paid subscriptions to several high-end trading analysis websites. and being the most useful. After market close, or ideally before opening at 9:30 EST I go and look at what others think and make my picks. I have a priority list of stocks available to trade with no commissions on Avatrade. On the CMC platform they charge commission on stocks. More on that later.

The other interesting tool I bought is the TradeMiner PRO. You can buy it for stocks, commodities and FOREX. I mostly use it for stocks. What they do is look at historical EOD prices and calculate “If you have trader XYZ on this day during the past 10 years you would have been profitable XX % of the time if you held the stock for X days.” I have done some back-testing and it works pretty well.

I am a lifetime member of Nial Fuller’s Learn to Trade The Market course and daily/weekly trade analysis emails. He has a great basic concept of “clean charts”. How to look at price action only. Very interesting and works really well. I will discuss this in some detail later.

I also have my own custom made software (I am a programmer by trade) that imports EOD stock/commodity prices and performs an analysis seeking a reversal point. This has worked pretty well and I am tweaking this software to become a main filter for possible daily trade opportunity. The app produces a list of possible reversals with a score. I then take that list and look it up on the analyst pages. Then I pop up the charts and make a final trading decision based on the technical situation at that time. I might have 8-10 possibles every day, and trade 1 or 2. (Except this week when I chased my losing trade the idiot I am).

Bottom line: Combine the research from these and other available tools and information to make a high probability trade. Then look at the chart for your short list and make the trade.