Just a quick note: I have been very intrigued by having someone else trade for me. Someone better than me. (wouldn’t take much). So for quite a while I have researched how that is possible – with a small trading account. If you have a big stash with at least 6 digits, you can get a financial manager. But for us.. well there are a couple of options.

One – buy a trading robot. I have tried that. It worked for a while, but when market conditions changed it didn’t.Now you depend on some one else to keep the software up to date. And you, in most cases will have to have your computer connected 24/7 and use MetaTrader. I don’t think this is a viable option.

Two – I recently came across an automated platform called DupliTrade. As you might know, I do most trading with AvaTrade, and they had a platform called Tradency for automated trading. I did that for a while, and same thing – worked for a while then not so much. Turns out they have traded (pun intended) Tradency for DupliTrade.

Check out my DupliTrade page, I am currently running their demo and so far so good – in the money just after a few days. We’ll see.